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Endorphin Exercise Personal Training South Yarra is one of South Yarra’s leading personal training companies and it is our positive results and focus on customer service that sets us apart from other personal trainers in the South Yarra area.

No matter what your health & fitness goals are, Endorphin Exercise can help you reach them. We are registered with Fitness Australia and specialize in the areas of fat loss and metabolic fitness, functional and postural training, sports training and strength and tone development.

We will provide you with a completely individual personal training program along with all of the motivation & drive to help you achieve your goals within our fun, energy packed sessions.


We are totally results based and not only provide you with regular assessments to track how you are progressing but also seek your regular feedback so that we are always on the same page when it comes to your personal fitness goals. 


Empowering you to make real changes in your life is our mission and we strive to continually educate and inform our clients so that they can best overcome the challenges facing them or simply step up their performance.  

Talk to us today on how Endorphin Exercise Personal Training South Yarra can help you.

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Training with Endorphin Exercise is not just a case of coming through the door and being given a generalised program for health and fitness.  We are all totally individual and so it makes sense that our exercise programs should be.




Health, Fitness and Postural Assessment


When you decide to train with us (you can sample with us (you can sample our training with a FREE trial session) you will be given a comprehensive health, fitness and postural screen.  This will highlight your strengths and areas for improvement and provide key markers for comparison as your training continues.  This process is essential for our Trainers to provide you with the best possible service.  The result is a progression of exercises completely personalised to your individual needs.  You will also be asked to complete a Lifestyle Questionnaire.  This provides a history of exercise and work/day-to-day habits that may be strong influencers of your ability to exercise or types of exercises most beneficial to you.  More information on this process is available when you book your session and all information collected is held in the strictest confidence.




Training and Education


When training with Endorphin Exercise you will encounter a variety of exercise modes using minimal equipment that are able to be performed virtually anywhere.  The obvious upside is that you are able to 'take-home' exercises that you can work on to further enhance your progress - your Trainer will provide you with guidance each session as to what you should be doing prior the next.

We are big believers in the fact that what you do in your day to day life has a big impact not only on what you are able to do in your exercise program but is a solid indicator of what you needto do to remain strong and pain free throughout the different chapters of your life.  Our mission is to impart this knowledge to you through training so that you can take it away and continue to push your fitness to new levels safely and new levels safely and consistently even if your training with us ends.

Training sessions are varied and utilise elements of resistance training, cardiovascular training and mobility and flexibility.  The body is a 'whole' system and as such the muscles work best when viewed as a 'whole' rather than as individual units.  By training the aforementioned fitness parameters in a varied and suitably intense manner you are able to gain far more benefit than if you were to train one area alone.


Cardiovascular training benefits...


The benefits of cardio training are well documented.  Lowered resting heart rate, higher metabolic rate, lowered risk of heart disease, fat loss, lowered risk of diabetes, beneficial to bone density where weight bearing is sufficient, great rush of endorphins... the

list goes on.


Resistance training benefits...


Resistance training is essential to any weight management / fat loss plan. 

Maintaining adequate lean muscle mass is essential for remaining metabolically fit - the more muscle you have the more fat you can burn! 

The most effective type of resistance training is functional.


Functional training benefits...

Functional training uses large whole-body or 'compound' movements that closely mirror the work or sport requirement or that produce movements that will reduce imbalances caused by work/sport performance and thereby prevent or reduce pain.


Most importantly when your body moves as it was designed to, day to day life is no longer a drag but completely energised and vital!

Each of us is different, call our Trainers today and start your completely personalised journey to health, fitness and vitality!



Endorphin Exercise personal Training South Yarra provide a variety of personal training services.

  • Mobile Personal Training (1 on 1 and Groups)
  • Functional Movement and Resistance Training
  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Fat Loss and Metabolic Health Programs
  • Toning & Shaping
  • Sport Specific Training

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

  • Lose Fat and increase Metabolic Health
  • Increase Fitness
  • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Increase Functional Strength and Mobility
  • Gain More Energy
  • Gain Confidence
  • Look & Feel Great
  • Enjoy Your Life


  • Certificate IV - Personal Trainer (Fitness Institute Australia, FIA)
  • Boxing for Fitness - Advanced Instructor (Thump Boxing)
  • Weight Management Essentials Certificate (Smartshape)
  • Nutrition for Fat Loss Certificate (Smartshape)

Personal Trainer South Yarra  -  Endorphin Exercise Personal Training South Yarra



Endorphin Exercise Personal Training South Yarra
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Endorphin Exercise Personal Training
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Personal Trainer South Yarra

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